A female company,
two generations at work from 1984


“In the life you have to be a free woman, you don’t have to make compromises because otherwise you won’t be your own master”. Free to create e bring around the world her creations under the sign of father Giuseppe’s words. In November 1984, Maria Rosa establishes “Accessorio più”.


For the beginning, a small space, a collection of samples of 20 folders and limitless trips between Lombardy and Veneto were enough. The grit and the determination of Maria Rosa let her overtake all the challenges that this new job bring her. Then, the first important order and so also the collaborations with the great masters of Italian fashion.

IN 1986

The team grows, the sister Loredana goes in administration and it’s time to find a new headquarter. Thirty years later, today there are a team of twenty collaborators, a sample case with collectible pieces for the most important fashion designers in the world, a product and material know-how developed in years of work. Beyond the new generation, with a fresh and contemporary look, which carry on supporting the style offices of the great brands in the design of fashion accessories. In the middle, curiosity, craftsmanship, teamwork, fashion shows and events: all that brings Accessorio in every corner of the world.